About Us

About Us

Ensay Bush Nursing Centre Inc. is a private not for profit non-government organization that receives funding from the Victorian Government to provide a Health Service to the Community of Ensay and surrounding area, including education to prepare nurses to respond to emergency situations.

Our Mission

Ensay Bush Nursing Centre will contribute to the health and well-being of Community Members by providing accessible primary healthcare and health promotion programs.

Our Vision

Delivering appropriate and evidence based remote area healthcare to the residents of Ensay and Tambo Crossing through collaborative practice with other healthcare providers, health promotion, preventative medicine strategies and community input.

Our Values

  • Quality care
  • Collaborative practice
  • Open communication and respect for all individuals
  • Accountability
  • Ensuring clients’ rights are met

Client centred care and Consumer participation

Ensay Bush Nursing Centre supports a client centred care approach, we will assist the community to meet their lifestyle goals and will embrace community input to improve services and bring new services to meet the community needs.

Governance and safety

A Committee of Management is elected from financial members to oversee the running of the organization, ensuring a high standard of clinical care, financial viability and compliance.

Ensay Bush Nursing centre has undertaken and successfully completed accreditation through ACHS against 7 of the 8 required national safety and quality health service standards this is current until May 2023.

Ensay BNC supports a COVID 19 safe environment, QR scanning is available to check in, we have an up-to-date covid 19 plan.

All clinical staff are vaccinated against influenza and Covid 19 for your protection, protection of the community and for themselves.